Grand Challenge

… and the winner is Yasmines Adventures!

Winners prize

Winners will be selected for ICEC2015 Grand Challenge awards based on their presentation. The winner will receive a prize from one of our sponsors:

Award Ceremony

The winner will be announced at the evening gathering, October 1.

For any questions regarding the Grand Challenges please email the ICEC2015 Grand Challenge Chairs:

Andrew Perkis,

Aisling Kelliher,


Aisling Kelliher, Virginia Tech (Chair)
Esteban Clua, Universidade Federal Fluminense Brazil
Francisco Ibanez, Brainstorm
Letizia Jaccheri, NTNU
Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, NTNU

The ICEC 2015 Grand Challenge presents a challenge geared to engage the ICEC research community to submit a tangible prototype or working installation for showing at the conference.

The ICEC2015 Grand Challenge is the first in the ICEC series. This year’s Grand Challenge is focused towards an overall theme of producing Entertainment Computing for a Better Life, specifically looking for explorations within Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality used in digital storytelling, possibly within movie/TV/Short stories as well as interactive and immersive art.

Four proposals were submitted at the deadline August 1. In alphabetical order:


  • Title: “beEco – a gamification approach to promote environmental awareness through storytelling.”
  • Authors: Nuno Nunes, Valentina Nisi, Kara Rennet, Julia Silva, Ana Alves, and Salim Batlouni, University of Madeira, Portugal
  • Presentation: beEco will be used as an interactive game at the evening gathering October 1.
  • Further information: Paper

Promotional video

Project website

Web version of the game

An interactive Installation Park

  • Title: “Towards an Interactive Public Space for Everyone: Technical Infrastructure and Art Installations for a Multi-use Park”
  • Authors: Wendy Ann Mansilla, and Andrew Perkis, NTNU, Norway
  • Presentation: During the ICEC Reception September 30, in the park outside the building where the reception takes place in new headquarter of Adresseavisen.
  • Further information: Paper


Yasmines Adventures

  • Title: “Yasmine’s Adventures – promoting disadvantaged neighborhoods exploration”
  • Authors: Mara Dionisio, Luis Ferreira, Valentina Nisi, Julian Hanna, and Nuno Nunes, University of Madeira, Portugal
  • Presentation: A VR game will be played at the evening gathering October 1.
  • Further information:

Promotional video

Art style and process

Development process

Presentation at the Jewish Museum and pilot study

VR Pet Shop

  • Title: “Little VR Pet Shop: A Reverse Turing Multiplayer VR Game”
  • Authors: Marcello A. Gómez Maureira, Meggy Pepelanova, and Isabelle Kniestedt, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Presentation: A VR game will be played at the evening gathering October 1.
  • Further information: Paper

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