Industry Event

Industry events

For those interested in Industry Events, one day registration is possible. However, the whole ICEC conference is strongly recommended as the transition between research and practice is intense in entertainment computing.

Media technology

ICEC Partner NxtMedia is a cluster organization for innovation in media technology, serving a broad network of media and technology companies, academic institutions and service providers. NxtMedia is the organizer of two industry events in ICEC Thursday October 1: “On the future of Sports Technology” and “On the future of VR”. The industry events are part presentations, part workshop/discussions, and are open both to researchers and industry representatives.

IE 1: On the future of Sports Technology

From 10.30-13.00, Oct. 1.

  • Keynote from Robert Overweg from Dutch company Beyond Sports, specialists in virtual reality sport simulation.
  • Sport and Big Data
  • Discussions

IE 2: On the future of VR

From 14-17.00, Oct. 1.

  • Keynote from Morten Fiskvik from Headspin – early stage developers of industry VR solutions
  • Immersive journalism
  • Discussion

More events are to be expected.

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