Best paper award

and the winner is The Case of Little Red Riding Hood!

Three papers are nominated after the review process. These are:

(2,7) FULL PAPER – Edirlei Soares de Lima, Antonio Furtado and Bruno Feijo. Storytelling Variants: The Case of Little Red Riding Hood
(2,3) FULL PAPER – Kevin Majchrzak, Jan Quadflieg and Günter Rudolph. Advanced Dynamic Scripting for Fighting Game AI
(2,3) SHORT PAPER – Thomas Friedrichs, Carolin Zschippig, Marc Herrlich, Benjamin Walther-Franks, Rainer Malaka and Kerstin Schill. Simple Games – Complex Emotions: Automated Affect Detection using Physiological Signals


Monica Divitini (Jury Chair), Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge will decide the winner.

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